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BIM Excellence Corporate Services

Interested in hosting a public or private assessment campaign to prequalify project partners? Do you need to assess your staff against project requirements or predefined competency goals? Do you need to assess 100s of recruits before you employ them? BIM Excellence Corporate Services (BIMe CS) provides you with the platform to assess and pre-qualify the BIM capability of individuals, organizations and teams....Learn more.

The BIM Excellence Initiative

Academic institutions, industry associations and other not-for-profit bodies are invited to contact us if they'd like to conduct an online knowledge-intensive assessment. Through the BIM Excellence Initiative, we are keen to engage with others equally-enthusiastic to establish country-specific, discipline-specific or industry-wide benchmarks for BIM performance improvement.

BIM Excellence Workshops

BIM Excellence Workshops are a unique opportunity to learn how to improve the BIM competency of individuals, organizations and teams. Using online tools and workshop templates, participants learn how to assess their own BIM knowledge and experience, and the capabilities of their respective organizations and project teams...learn more

The BIMe Dictionary

The BIM Excellence platform will progressively include a number of 'community pages'. These pages host information and links that would benefit the construction industry professionals in general and BIM-enabled professionals in particular. The first of these BIMe community pages is the BIM Excellence Dictionary which currently includes more than 500 interlinked terms and their research-driven definitions.

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